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The Mixed Media Art Shop


Welcome to the shop! You'll find everything from the galleries right here.  If you have questions about any of the pieces, feel free to contact me. There's even a CHAT button in the bottom right corner. Oh, but you have a question right now? Why do I name my pieces with an number instead of a title? Well, I have named a few but it's because of you, the client who purchases the Mixed Media Art piece, that I don't. You should be the one to give the piece its title. As soon as you saw the piece, something about it inspired your imagination. You already knew the special place in your home where you'd display the piece. And, you have the perfect title for it too.

Just so you know, all prices in the shop are in Canadian Dollars.

Shipping is currently only available to Canada and the United States for online purchases. Additional shipping costs may apply to your purchase. Full shipping costs will be determined and changed separately after purchase. Please contact me at for more information.

Please contact me directly if you are in another country and would like to make a purchase.

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