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Where will your imagination

take you today?

Acrylic Pours Gallery


As you can see by the number of pieces available in this gallery, acrylic pouring on small, square canvas and wood panel are my preferred surfaces. If you're wondering why, I have a few reasons. These small Mixed Media Art pieces can fit anywhere. The sizes are between 6" and 12" square. Perfect for a splash of colour in any of those difficult to decorate spaces in your home. Since they're small, they come with a lower price tag. It's not usually something that's talked about, but I wanted you to know it's important for me to always create quality artwork for you and this is how I can deliver it. And small artwork is easier to ship to you!

Have a scroll through the acrylic pours gallery. While you're doing it, take some time to imagine how some of these Mixed Media Art pieces would look in your home.

6" square

12" square

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